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Kathleen Henry
President and CEO, CSURF and Chairman, CSU Ventures
Julie Birdsall
Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary/Treasurer, CSURF and Treasurer, CSU Ventures
Marty Wilson
Senior Accountant, CSURF
Lon Gunderson
Senior Accountant, CSURF
Kathi McDonald
Human Resource Administrator, CSURF
Amanda Billmire
Executive Assistant, CSURF
Donna Baily
Senior Legal Counsel, CSURF
Mary Richling
Legal Assistant, CSURF
Todd Headley
President, CSU Ventures
Denichiro "Denny" Otsuga
Vice President, CSU Ventures
Dian Kammeyer
Director, Licensing & Business Development, CSU Ventures
Cindy Pederson
Patent Manager, CSU Ventures
Jeremy Nelson
Director, Licensing & Business Development, CSU Ventures
Carin Hermann
In-house Counsel, CSU Ventures
Sarah Belford
Licensing & Business Analytics Manager, CSU Ventures
Gena Stokes
Office & Communications Manager, CSU Ventures
Ralph Towers
Project Administrator, Systems Solutions Group, CSU Ventures
Rodman Tompkins
Director, Licensing & Business Development, CSU Ventures
Terry Opgenorth
Vice President, CSU Ventures
Stephen Foster
Director, Licensing & Business Development, CSU Ventures
Lisa Dunbar
Administrative & Communications Assistant, CSU Ventures
Nancy Hurt
Interim Director, Real Estate Office, CSURF
Rick Callan
Sr. Real Estate Analyst, CSURF
Bo Brown
Sr. Real Estate Project Manager, CSURF
Jeanie Weber
Administrative Assistant, Real Estate Office, CSURF
John Slack
Property Manager, Real Estate Office, CSURF
Patrick Hyland
Real Estate Specialist, Real Estate Office, CSURF
Ally Roth
Apartment Manager, Prospect Plaza Apartments, CSURF
Tony Alcala
Maintenance Lead, Prospect Plaza Apartments, CSURF
Olga Van Rees
Apartment Manager Assistant, Prospect Plaza Apartments, CSURF
Joel Vaad
Maxwell Ranch Manager, CSURF

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CSURF Homepage CSURF Homepage